Leadership development, leader judgement, and leadership for sailing expeditions.


Leadership development sailing courses:
take place in a demanding and adventurous environment... the beautiful ocean waters and islands of Washington State/British Columbia. We travel far from shore, to the outer islands, coves, and sounds where wilderness is pristine and invigorating. On these expeditions the group is required to work together to operate the boat and the expedition successfully. The Instructor is there to teach, guide, safeguard, and facilitate the course, however the expedition is run by the group.
Students learn about communication, leadership physcology, sharing leadership, leadership traits, followership, group dynamics, conflict resolution, and more. Skills that are also learned include sailing, seamanship, traditional navigation, and knowledge of the marine environment. Also, initiatives, daily debriefs, and participant opportunities to be "leader of the day" are utilized in the experience.

- Designed specifically for business, company, and corporation teams, and anyone group desiring leadership and teamwork development.

- Sammer Elias and his team have been teaching and facilitating leadership development and team building sailing expeditions for over 10 years. With a breath and depth of experience that comes from; formally studying leadership and group dynamics for two years, leading over 50 team wilderness expeditions on oceans and in the mountains, and having taught over 400 days of courses in leadership and teambuilding. - As opposed to some places that offer “team building and leadership” courses, this is our speciality.


Leader Judgement classes:
Sammer Elias also teaches a unique subject and class on "leader judgement". These classes are focused on providing tangible tools and methods for developing and implementing the most critical of competencies in the field, judgement. The foundation for these classes come from a combination of personaly developed skills and experience from leading over 50 team wilderness expeditions on oceans and in the mountains, over 400 days of teaching leadership judgment to apprentices, and having formally and informally studied under a number of mentors at the start of his career.
These classes are offered at your location, and are either hafl day, or full day length.


Leadership for sailing expeditions:
Sammer also frequently takes on sailing voyages. Offering services as trip leader and captain for coastal or off-shore sailing expeditions within the U.S. and abroad.

- The difference is in the leadership versus traditional "Captaining". Sammer offers an approach to expedition leadership that empowers the participants, which includes an understanding of leadership, followership, expedition behavior, and respect toward all aboard. His style is to lead from behind, not from up front, unless circumstances call for it.


- "Sammer is an excellent instructor with exceptional skillsets in technical knowledge, teamwork, leadership, as well as a great positive and reinforcing attitude toward life." - student from a leadership sailing expedition. click here for more testimonials...

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- “ Elias Leadership and Education is a small operation that offers high quality instruction, experience and scenarios. Very personal instruction, and more interested in sharing top quality techniques and instruction than creating a large business with an image of success.” - student review from a 2 day swiftwater rescue course. click here for more testomonials...